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Subject: Interactive teaching, Experience the presence of Documentarians in your classroom

Author: Hoda Ganji / Docademia LLC.

The Take your classroom to a LIVE journey Movement was created to further the improvement of Docademia's Services and to bring alternative methods of teaching to your classroom. Docademia's mission is to bring marginalized voices into class by using documentaries and live interviews with the documentaries' filmmakers to open a discussion about our world's most pressing issues. You can learn more about our plan and origins by listening to our NRP interview or visiting our website

We want to create a system that helps perfectly match your curriculum with one of our many documentaries, and in order to do so, we need your syllabi. In return, 

  • You will have access to all of our films for a whole year.
  • Alongside that, you could also win one of the 15 Docademia Cash Prizes in April 2019!

We want to create a system to bring a new understanding of world issues, and with the Movement we can make our services such more efficient. Under confidentiality, your syllabus will be inputted into a system designed to assign one of our documentaries to your class. We plan to improve both the system's knowledge and our documentary inventory's variety with every syllabus we get to make sure we give you a well-made addition to your lessons. We will be very happy to work with you in bringing those unheard voices into your lecture halls.