Fellowship Awards

Support your existing degree with our various Fellowship Awards

Student Services

Let AAHE assist with your Student Services


Does your institution have valid Accreditation
and to what level is it recognized?

Education Validation

School and University validation,
Is your School or University Operating Legally?

Continuous Learning

Degree and Degree Completion Programs
for the Experienced Learner!

Legitimate Education

Let AAHE help you obtain a legal degree!!!

AAHEA Membership

Institutional Membership

Membership Application Procedure

You have several options to join our organization

  1. You may call and request an application and fax it to 1-877-510-4240 or mail it back with a check or with a credit card number on it.
  2. You can fill out our secure application live on line at 'On line Membership Application'

The fee for one year membership is $99.00. As a non-profit organization, 501-c-3, your membership or donation should be 100% tax deductible.

Membership does include the ability to use our beautiful logo on your web site which will say "Members of" right above it. You can also have it link back to us if you like to establish your membership. Any person can look your membership up on our web site. Membership entitles you to a substantial discount on over 200 publications and access to our archives. You will also have free access to our conventions each year. Not to mention you will be a member of the oldest non-profit educational organization in the United States.

We do have several different levels of membership and for different amounts of time. Example is a GOLD LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $1,000 which includes free access to any of our conventions or events.

For information on our member benefits and why you should join, please go to the 'Brochure' page

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