Fellowship Awards

Support your existing degree with our various Fellowship Awards

Student Services

Let AAHE assist with your Student Services


Does your institution have valid Accreditation
and to what level is it recognized?

Education Validation

School and University validation,
Is your School or University Operating Legally?

Continuous Learning

Degree and Degree Completion Programs
for the Experienced Learner!

Legitimate Education

Let AAHE help you obtain a legal degree!!!

Staff & Directors

Meet some of our directors

  • Dr. Gomez, MD Honorary President
  • Dr. Barnhart, Chief Consultant
  • Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy
  • Dr. Fred DiUlus
  • Dr. William Sirman, Director of Theological Studies
  • Dr. Hendrickson, Ed.D
  • Prof. Charles Williams
  • Prof. D. Jain, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Lindgren, Ed.D.
  • Melissa Moyer
  • Suhail Jarroush
  • William Sutton

Religious Accreditation and Development Team Members

  • Dr. Victor D. Rivera-Carrion
  • Dr. Jose L. Rivera-Montalvo


  • Robert Kohley, Office Manager
  • Frances Ducharme
  • Meryl Mayer, Director of Library Services & Publications
  • Ms. Kleppinger
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