AAHEA Mission

Mission Statement

AAHEA is the individual membership organization that promotes research, collaboration, scholarship, best practices, evidence based research to move together into the era of increasingly digitized education. A leader in the transition from old norms to new standards for a new age. The association equips individuals and institutions committed to such changes with the knowledge they need to bring those changes about.

To pursue these aims, AAHEA:

  • Envisions and articulates agendas for change.
  • Contributes to the knowledge of a diverse group of leaders committed to the systemic, long-term, cost-effective improvement of American higher education.
  • Provides forums in which individuals from a variety of positions and institutions, within and outside higher education, can engage in constructive conversations about difficult issues.
  • Identifies and advocates practices that help individuals benefit from their differences and succeed in learning.
  • Documents and promotes new concepts of scholarship, with particular emphasis on the nature of learning and the results of teaching.
  • Helps institutions develop their capacities to make the organizational, pedagogical, and other changes needed to achieve their evolving missions.
  • Collaborates with individuals and organizations engaged in similar work.
  • Sets standards and oversees education
  • Provides accreditation across the board
  • The number one source worldwide for all higher education information
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